My Current Classroom (#2), and Open House!

Hello everyone! I have finally had some time to spruce up and organize my classroom, and now I get to share it with you all! Today we had an open house at school where the parents could come to meet the teachers, tour the classrooms, etc. It turned out great, though I was a bit nervous, this being my first open house! But it was fantastic! I had a really good turnout- only one child's parents weren't able to make it! Anyways, here is what my classroom looks like!
 This is the view when you walk in the door! I love having a chalkboard at kid-level for fun writing activities! We have two tables, with six seats at each. I have 11 students right now, but after Christmas, I will have thirteen! How I'm going to fit everyone? I don't know! Our classroom library is the bookshelf on the right, and we have cubbies in the back for supplies, and one for each student to keep water bottles, jackets, etc. My desk is in the back right.

 If you walk in, and turn left, this is what you'll see! I have an AMAZING amount of storage space behind those doors, and I use that chair to sit for morning meeting, with all the students on the floor. We have a weekly Proverb we focus on for Bible right now, and I use the chart paper to write it out, and document our discussion.

 Here's a closer view of the left side of the classroom. I LOVE all things banners and bunting, and I think it dresses up the room well! I hung the students' giraffe artwork on the wall too. The class I switched with has a jungle theme, and that's what that leaf is from! We keep forgetting to move it over to their classroom!
 I set out each student's Friday Folder on their desk, as well as math and phonics workbooks so the parents can look through them. We send home these folders every Friday with work from the week, a weekly newsletter, etc.
 In this photo, the door is to the right, and we have a nice window to bring in some natural light on the left. I have our classroom rules by the door, as well as another space for student projects! We did a unit on the 5 Senses, and made these models.

 My desk area. I have a handful of those IKEA magazine boxes floating around, perfect for storing work, and more! I have pictures from home on the left, which I love! And schedules, etc. in the middle. We made heart maps last week for another Bible activity, which I hung on our chart paper!
 This is the view from my desk. My classroom is definitely on the smaller side, but I've gotten used to it! We still have plenty of room to do lessons on the floor, work at our seats, and have storage space! I have our number line up on top of the chalkboard to count up to 100 days, the calendar for morning meeting, etc. We also talked in Geography about directions, so I have North, South, East, and West signs hanging up.
This is back by the cubbies and my desk. My grandma gave me the READ sign a couple of years ago, and I love having little pieces of home in my room! I don't have a ton of wall space, but we have a little corridor to a door on the inside of the building, where I've been hanging more chart paper that we've written on. One thing I do love about this room is that we have a bathroom! It's down the corridor to the left. I don't have to worry about who I send to the toilet (that's what Tanzanians call bathroom), because it's right inside the classroom! We also have backpack hooks in there, which saves on space in the classroom.
I found this CUTE Sunday School activity talking about guarding our mouth like a watchdog. It hits home to these kiddos because most of them actually do have a guard dog(s) at their house! It was perfect! We put a brad through the nose and body so they can turn the head to listen!

I hope you liked taking a peek at my room! Come back soon for a post about my first Tanzanian village church experience!

Much Love, Allie

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