Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! I am really getting excited for tomorrow- as I and several friends are running for Hope! I am walking the Kilimanjaro 5K Fun Run to #RUNFORHOPE.

Hope International School, where I teach, is expanding to a new, bigger campus that we were gifted, next September! But we have so much to do before then, and that requires a lot of funds. We are running and walking in the Kilimanjaro Marathon to raise support for our school.
Here is my class, singing our memory verse for February, Luke 6:38. 
I wouldn't be telling you about this if I didn't wholly believe in it 100%. I've been out to our new property; and I get so excited thinking about the growth that is happening! God is moving in Moshi, Tanzania, and is raising up world-changers at this school. Please consider donating towards furthering the Kingdom through Hope. Partner with me as I #RUNFORHOPE tomorrow...through prayer and support! You can learn more and donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/runforhope.
Our School Picture!
Hope is rising! Thank you for partnering with us, as we #RUNFORHOPE!

Much Love, Allie

Photo Dump and Chat!

I don't think I've ever been as ready for Friday afternoon to come as yesterday! It's been quite the week (and a half) since I last blogged. I've been so busy that I keep forgetting to share a photo a day! Anyways, I've decided, instead of trying to catch up on ten days of pictures, I would toss them all into a post today! Since we last spoke, I've had my first 100th day of school as a teacher, explored a waterfall and sat underneath it, enjoyed some rain, and much more! So, let's get to it!

About a week ago, I was sitting at the table getting ready to cook dinner, when I heard the sound of water sprinkling on our roof. I looked outside to see blue sky and sun, but then realized it was actually raining (for the first time in a while)!! We are in a transition between hot and dry to cool and rainy. I really enjoy the rain, especially to cool things off, but now it's been hot and humid. I'm so excited for the rains to come!

I was trying to decide what to do for Valentine's Day with my first graders, as the holiday is getting a little bit more popular over here. I found this idea from Fluttering Through First Grade to make compli-mats to help students see the good in one another. So I taught a minilesson on what a compliment is, how to give a good compliment, and examples of good compliments you can give. Then, I made our Compli-mats using some heart clipart from The Learning Tree. If you would like to use this compli-mat, download it free here! We started this by each complimenting ourselves, for practice. Then, I went around and complimented each student, and wrote it on their mat. After that, they scooted around to each other's desks to share the love! Most of them did pretty well with this, after some practice. The last step is decorating them! I let them use markers to make the words stand out and to decorate the heart, which they loved!

Valentine's Day is also my roommate Taylor's birthday! A group of us drove to this beautiful waterfall, called Marangu Falls, to celebrate her birthday! It was so gorgeous, and lots of fun! I'll have a more detailed post about it soon!

On Monday we learned about how the moon got its craters! I found this incredible activity from A Day in First Grade, that my students LOVED! We went outside for this activity, because it is a messy one.  I did a little teaching on asteroids before getting going,because I knew my students wouldn't have been able to concentrate if we had started the activity before the lesson. We talked about what asteroids are, what they do in space, and how they can get out of orbit and crash into planets and moons. We had a good discussion on this, and then I had one helper pour flour into a round dish all the way to the top, and another helper pat it smooth on the top. I made three balls of homemade playdough (small, medium, large) and we pretended like these were the asteroids. We began by predicting what we think would happen when we dropped the asteroids on the moon. What would be different about the small one to the big one? Then I began having volunteers come up and drop the asteroids on the moon, standing on the ground. After it fell, I would pick it up and we would examine the crater, and compare them to each other. After we got through all three just standing on the ground, we had three more volunteers stand on chairs, and drop them. We thought about what might change in the craters from the different heights, and what would stay the same. I loved seeing their faces every time a crater was made! It was a very exploratory activity, and we all had fun!

I just love these kids! So many cultures in one classroom! They are so precious to me!

On day this week, we woke up to SNOW...on top of Kili! There was some serious powder up there, and it looked stunning! This is a view at Hope, the school where I teach. My classroom is on the right.

This week we learned about greater than, less than, and equal to in math, and we had an alligator friend come help us out! We made these cute alligator/symbols on Monday, and practiced all week, deciding which number was biggest, and having the gator's mouth open to that number, because he always wants to chomp the bigger number.

Friday was our 100th day of school! And my first one as a teacher! It was so fun, and so crazy! I'm definitely planning a post about this day all by itself, so watch out for that coming soon!

If you made it to the end of this post, you are awesome! I hope you had a great week! As you can see, mine has been jam-packed full of goodness and fun! Starting out again on my photo a day with day 22, tomorrow! 

Much Love, Allie

A Fun Way to Make Your Painting POP!

Every day is an adventure, and we ventured into some artsy fun on day 10! My students LOVE art- especially since it's mostly hands-on! We are making a project to help us practice the phases of the moon. Here's what we did on Tuesday!

We each started with a piece of white cardstock. We then drew stars all over the paper with a white crayon (you need to press HARD for this step! It'll help when you paint it!). I found some oil paint crayons in our art stash, and we took turns coloring our whole page black (or as much as we wanted to). Afterwards, we went outside and painted water over the whole paper, which activated the oil paint, and it all looked like a painting instead of a drawing. The cool thing is that the stars come through the paint!

Later this week we plan to add our moons, and finish the project.
What is your favorite way to add some artsy fun into your day?

Much Love, Allie

Math for the Kinesthetic Learners!

I am definitely a visual and kinesthetic learner- I need to experience what I'm learning about! So I always try to include some experiential activities in my first grade classroom, every day. Some days it's planned out; sometimes its not. Either way, it makes such a difference with my students! Today we did an even and odd number review outside!

Last week I mentioned I introduced my class to Odd Todd and Even Steven, and we learned the difference between even and odd numbers. After we did our number sort, I could tell we needed some practice. So, today, we each did our part writing numbers 1-120 on pieces of paper. Then, we went outside, each with a piece of chalk in hand. On one side of the concrete, I wrote ODD and on the other side I wrote EVEN. Then, we each chose a number out of the box of pieces of paper, and tried to determine whether our numbers were even or odd. For the first round, I went around and made sure their number was on the right side, then they were able to write their number next to the label with chalk. Once they had finished one, they came and gave their number to me, and chose a new number. We did this for about a half an hour. And the majority of my students at the beginning were asking "Is this even or odd?" or guessing. By the end, they had each figured out their own strategies to help them decide if the numbers were even or odd, and most of the numbers were written on the correct sides!!

Tomorrow I plan to wrap up this lesson by making a list of strategies we can use to help us decide if a number is even or odd, maybe do a quick review, and then a short assessment to see where we are.

All of my students really enjoyed the running, writing, and active movements of this activity. How do you incorporate kinesthetic learning in your classroom?

Much Love, Allie


Wow~ What a DAY! I planned on getting this post up on time (yesterday), but after some unfortunate events (losing my lesson plans for the week TWICE), I really wanted to get as much sleep as possible, even though it was only a little. Anyways, day eight was truly one I will never forget, at least I hope I don't!!
A huge Baobab tree on our way to the church, with a bird perched at the top! 
Sunday morning, part of our Global Effect team went out to a village church, called Bethel, in a village south of Moshi. I so wish I would have taken more pictures of this cool church (Check out more pictures on my FB page!). The presence of the Lord was so strong- and the congregation was hungry for the Word! This church was unlike others I have been to, as there were literally no walls. Instead, tarps and fabric were hung, which let in a very nice breeze, and, spiritually, the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Freedom was the over-arching word for the day of ministry there- as three of the members of the group had felt God leading in that direction. I could share so much from that service, but I think the two things that stood out to me were the time of individual prayer and the end of the service.

After the powerful message of walking in freedom, we prayed in small groups for those wanting prayer. I really can't put into words how thick God's presence was. He was working on hearts and set captives free! There was healing, deliverance, and so much more. God broke through language barriers and made His truth known! I was able to pray with several of the women of the church, and was blessed to be able to stand with them as they began to access the freedom God has for them!

At the end of the prayer time, we began to worship again. Mark, one of the members of our team, shared a word about walking together in this freedom, and not feeling alone (how the devil wants you to feel). We began to sing a song again, and began to stand side-by-side, putting our arms around each other. We ended up in a big circle, praising our God. As I stood there, linked with my team and the members of the church, I tried to take it all in. It was one of those moments that I never want to forget. Such a picture of the kingdom of God!

After the service ended, we hung out with some of the church members, including these kiddos above! I taught them how to "High Five". They are definitely future world changers!!

It was an awesome day- to God be the Glory!!

Much Love, Allie