A Fun Way to Make Your Painting POP!

Every day is an adventure, and we ventured into some artsy fun on day 10! My students LOVE art- especially since it's mostly hands-on! We are making a project to help us practice the phases of the moon. Here's what we did on Tuesday!

We each started with a piece of white cardstock. We then drew stars all over the paper with a white crayon (you need to press HARD for this step! It'll help when you paint it!). I found some oil paint crayons in our art stash, and we took turns coloring our whole page black (or as much as we wanted to). Afterwards, we went outside and painted water over the whole paper, which activated the oil paint, and it all looked like a painting instead of a drawing. The cool thing is that the stars come through the paint!

Later this week we plan to add our moons, and finish the project.
What is your favorite way to add some artsy fun into your day?

Much Love, Allie

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