Whimpers of Delight

This photo a day thing is really pushing me to capture more moments, which I love! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can check out all of #TheGypsyTeacherPhotoaDay posts on one page!
Today's picture(s) was actually taken yesterday (yes, I know, CHEATER!), but I decided to save it for today! Friday night we came home from school with two new additions to our household...PUPPIES!! The guard dog who was here before, Settie, had a tumor that was growing, and so she had to be put down. SO SAD. Anyways, these two made the whole experience a lot better!
Aren't they the cutest!?! We think so! Their names are Zungu and Bongo. We tried to come up with deep meaning Swahili names, but none were the right fit. Then, my housemate Taylor thought of these names, as a reference to mzungu (white person) and mbongo (African). They stuck like glue, and all of the Swahili-speakers we've told have laughed and thought they were great names! Zungu is the top one; and Bongo is on the bottom. Bongo has batman ears! They are teeny, but already growing so much, and we are very excited to have them as our guard dogs!
They are so hilarious- whenever we do as much as pass by their kennel, Bongo will start whimpering and squealing and will not stop for a while! Zungu joins in and it's just so cute to hear their little voices whimpering with delight!!

Funny story: in Tanzania, it's very rare to have an inside dog. Everyone here has at least one outside guard dog, but never lets them into the house. I told my students and friends here how my dog back in the States lives inside with me, sleeps with me, etc. and they were totally stunned! All the cultural differences are so interesting!

Much Love, Allie

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