Church under the Acacia Trees

I've had a couple of friends from back home ask me if I have a home church here in Tanzania, and where it is, and what it looks like. My home church back in the States is Glad Tidings Church. I'm proud to have called this church home for practically all of my life. Now that I'm in Moshi, church takes on a whole new meaning.
This is what my home church looks like now!
Some Sundays, church is in the village. It's the time when we get to be God's hands and feet and speak into the lives of the Tanzanians. Maybe it's giving a prophetic word, maybe it's sharing something God has laid on our hearts, or maybe it's just giving a hug, a smile, or a handshake. Whatever it is, I'm always so excited to see how God moves in the village churches we get to visit!
photo credit: Global-Effect
Other Sundays, we enjoy church at other churches in Moshi.

But, one Sunday a month, I get to have "house church" with the other missionaries of Global-Effect. This is home church to me. These friends have become family over the past eight months. I love them so much and always look forward to meeting with them!!
CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! Two of the sweet missionary kiddos!! (photo credit: Amanda Batterson)
Sometimes we have house church in a house, other times we don't. This past Sunday we were excited to head out to a village about 45 minutes away from Moshi, called Mtakuja, where the Kimbilio Girls Home will soon be complete! (Click the link for more information!!)
The Drive to Mtakuja was STUNNING!!!   (photo credit: Amanda Batterson)
We had church outside under the acacia trees! Passionate worship, powerful preaching/teaching, and fun times of community are a constant for this church. I seriously get so refreshed just by being around this awesome bunch and communing with them! God gave me the BEST home church ever!!!
photo credit: Amanda Batterson
Vickie shared her vision for the girls' home, and we were able to pray and agree with her...right in the very place where it will come to fruition!
photo credit: Amanda Batterson
Sometimes we get so caught up with a church "building" that we forget what church is really about- worshipping our Lord and fellowshipping with others who build us up in Christ!! I love this crazy crew so much, and am so glad to be able to do life here in Tanzania with them!!
photo credit: Global-Effect
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