Wow, we are already halfway through 2015! That is just craziness! I'm linking up with Farley today for her monthly "Currently" linky party! It's always so much fun! This month's theme is taken from the World Cup Women's soccer game was fun to watch!

Listening: I'm watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix- it's one of my favorite shows!

Loving: My family is currently on vacation at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. We have a beautiful lake house, and are spending a week down here together. It's been perfect! Make sure you follow me on instagram (@allieelliott), as I am posting pictures of our adventures daily (and some beautiful landscapes in there too!!).

Thinking: It's about 11:30 right now my time...and I wanted to be asleep by ten! OOPS! #nightowlproblems

Wanting: I've been browsing Pinterest and blogs this summer to decide on my classroom theme for the upcoming school year. I don't know what grade I'm teaching yet, but think it'll probably be in the primary grades (K-3). I'm wanting to nail down a theme/color scheme so I can get shopping, laminating, and crafting! If you have any great ideas, leave them down below in a comment! (Links to blog posts are even better!!!)

Needing: I leave in 43 days (but who's counting, right ;)?!) to go back to Tanzania. That means I need to get myself in gear by making lists of what I need and want, deciding what to purchase to take with me, and then getting out there and buying the necessary items. All that to say, July is going to be a BUSY month!!

All Star: I love celebrating...especially people! My mom made every event, birthday, holiday, etc. special for us kids growing up, and now I love to do the same! Whether it's giving a gift, putting up signs and streamers for a birthday, baking a cake, making simple decorations for holidays, and more, I absolutely love being a celebrator! I love making others feel special!!! :)

Alright, YOUR TURN!! Head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to grab the image and learn about the link-up, then do it yourself! I'd love to see what's currently going on in your life!!

Much Love, Allie


  1. Wow! Just wow! First off you had me at Gilmore Girls. LOL I love that show. Tanzinia! Amazeballs. Can you find everything you need there or will you shop here and take with/ship? I love to celebrate others too! We need more celebrators in the world. I do boho birds and a mix of prints and cheerful colors. Check out my IG. I'm also thinking of changing it up a bit. I'm not sure yet. It really starts to add up, you know? I love looking at Schoolgirl Style's ideas and tips @ Safe travels! Sandy @ Elementary Expedition

  2. Jealous of your lake house! it is beautiful and peaceful! Enjoy.

  3. Gilmore Girls is one of my faves!! I watched all the seasons on Netflix already! Enjoy your time at the lake house. It looks beautiful! I'm doing a chalkboard and brights theme in my classroom next year! :)

    First Grade Garden

  4. Thanks Amanda! I'm so glad Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix ;)
    Your classroom theme sounds delightful! I'm sure your students will love it.
    I hope you're having a relaxing 4th of July weekend! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  5. It was absolutely GLORIOUS, Betty! I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay or a better vacation! I'll have a blog post up next week all about it, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  6. Haha! Yes, it's quite the crazy story about how I ended up in Tanzania, but it was totally God's plan! I love it there, and am so looking forward to returning! I will be bringing as much as possible back with me, because though where I'm at is more advanced than most, it's still nothing like the U.S. (though I definitely wish I could convince Target to open a store in my town!!). I'll be bringing things for my classroom (decorations, things for centers and activities, etc.), and other things that I don't get there.
    I love Schoolgirl Style! Thanks for the reminder! I'll be checking out your instagram too! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)


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