Rewind and Retell: Wind Socks!

Last week was the beginning of my new linky party, Rewind and Retell! We read about some creative ideas and lessons that teacher-bloggers had done in their classrooms. Read on to find out more about this linky if you haven't heard about it yet! Also, I changed to length of time you all can link up. Now, the linky will be open through Saturday afternoon (4pm Central), and my Periscope to recap the post and tell you who won the giveaway will be Saturday night! 
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This link-up is for us teacher-bloggers to write a new blog post about something you have done in your classroom that you haven't shared yet. You could "rewind" to nine months ago, or nine days ago; then, "retell" what you did, how it went, and anything else you want to share! Maybe you made a TpT product for the activity, or maybe it was a TOTAL FAIL! We want to know! I know that we all have those random pictures on our phones/computers for a "really great blog post" that never became one! I hope this linky party gives you motivation to get your thoughts and ideas on digital paper!! 

The really fun part of this linky: there's a GIVEAWAY involved! #teacherslovefreestuff...RIGHT?! Each week I will be giving away either a product from my TpT store OR a souvenir of my picking from Tanzania!! It is the winner's choice!! AND I'll be giving the winner shout-outs on my social media that week!! Definitely a worthy reason to participate!!

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If you have any questions, leave them in a comment below! I hope you're as excited about this as I am! I hope you link up today and every Thursday! I want to see what you do in your classroom. 

Today, I'm sharing about a really fun, simple craft that my firsties LOVED-- windsocks! It's a great way to integrate science and art; and have a hands-on experience with wind! We studied weather for a good amount of time this spring, and we took a day or two to explore wind.

I really loved this craft because it uses things we had around the school, and allows for the students to be as creative as they want! Each student started with a blank sheet of paper, and they got to work with crayons and markers (WHAT?! HOW SPECIAL!! -- my firsties' thoughts whenever we bring out the markers) to draw a picture, designs, or whatever they want.

While they were drawing, my assistant teacher Sarah cut the crepe streamers (six per student). I let the kids choose their colors, but you could also just do one of each if you want to keep it simple. Once the kids were done drawing, they flipped over their papers, and glued all the streamers on one of the long sides. Then, we helped them glue the paper together to make it a cylinder. Finally, we added a piece of yarn at the top. I recommend hole punching the paper and stringing the yarn through it, but I had left mine at home that day.

Once the craft was finished, they rushed outside to play play play! They explored how best to make the windsocks fly. They ran, jumped, threw,...and had fun! They didn't want to put them away!

I had one of my sweet kiddos come up to me and we had this little convo:
Student: "These are AWESOME!"
Me: "I'm glad you like the windsocks!"
Student: "I don't like it,...I LOVE it!!"

It always amazes me how the simplest activities are the ones they love the most!!

Now it's your turn to rewind and retell! Use the hashtag #rewindandretell if you post about your post on social media! I can't wait to to see what you write about this week!!

Much Love, Allie

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