Travel Tuesday : A Week at the Lake

I'm bringing back Travel Tuesday today to share my lake vacation with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few pictures from this fabulous week. My family and I went down the week right before the 4th of July, and it was absolutely the perfect summer vacation! My favorite moments included morning boat rides with my siblings, meals around the table, and just enjoying the beautiful lake and relaxing!!

Let's start with the basics!
Who: My immediate family (Dad, Mom, Brothers, Sister-in-Law) as well as my grandparents

Where: We found this BEAUTIFUL house on on Grand Lake in Oklahoma (about a seven hour drive away). The owners of this house did a FABULOUS job in making it so interesting, beautiful, and livable! It looks like you just stepped into a home on the French Countryside!

This is the front of the house.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

This is the side of the house. There's a bedroom above the garage, on the right. We loved the screened-in porch too!

Here's the back of the house. I love all the architecture and the incredible stonework. They had so many thought-out sitting areas that we enjoyed. 

This is what the house looks like from the lake! 

This is just a peek at the inside. It's taken from the front entryway. The kitchen is on the left, with the huge dining table. One of my favorite parts about the house is you feel like you're sitting outside, even though you're indoors, because of all the open windows and sight lines to the lake!

Okay, now here's where my HGTV geek comes out! This is the most AMAZING silverware drawer I've ever seen! It pulls out from the island, in the perfect place for people to grab and go. I love the craftsmanship of it too. It is HUGE!

Now, for the lake!

Isn't it pretty?! Oh, I love it there! During our week there, we spent a lot of time either out on the lake or hanging out on the dock. I'm not a waterskier or wakeboarder, so I choose to either just enjoy the boat ride, or stay back and relax at the house! But some of my other family members love doing the water sports, and I got to take pictures of them! Here's my brother, Peter, out on the wakeboard.

 With wakeboarding and waterskiing, comes a lot of wipeouts! I think this picture captures that in a nutshell!

The benefit of going out on the lake in the mornings is that the water is less choppy. One morning, us siblings went out for a boat ride. It was so fun being able to spend time together, as everyone is busy, and I've been in Africa for ten months! 

My dad tore it up on the slalom ski too!

While we were at the lake, we celebrated my dad's birthday!

We had such a great time as a family, listening to my grandparents' stories, discussing "Table Topics", and enjoying each other.

The boys lit off some fireworks, before my brother Collin and his wife Keirstyn had to head home a few days early. 

The sunsets on the lake were nothing short of breathtaking. We had awesome weather too, what a blessing!

Later in the week, we had more visitors! My aunt and uncle stopped by for a day with my cousin's son, Asher! He did some fishing with my dad, and they caught a couple!

I loved reading, floating by the dock in the lake, and spending time with my family. It's surely a vacation I won't forget!!

Towards the end of our vacation, the moon became full! It shined down on the lake and lit up the night sky. It was stunning! (And the picture doesn't do it justice!)

It was quite the incredible week at the lake! I couldn't have imagined a better lake vacation! We had so much fun, and made lots of memories!

Where have you traveled to this summer?!

Much Love, Allie


  1. I want to go there RIGHT NOW...absolutely beautiful. I love seeing pictures of your family spending time together and enjoying one anothers' company. Thank you so much for linking up. I watched your Periscope this morning and fell in love with your personality when I heard you talk about Tanzania. My principal and her husband have a school there. My parents (mom & dad) helped have 6 wells drilled there. My name is actually in the cement on one of them there. I'm glad to get to follow you now!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Aww thank you so much Alison! You're so sweet! That's so cool about your principal! Where in Tanzania is their school? I'm up north by Kilimanjaro in Moshi. Wow that's so cool that your name is on the cement! I love finding all these connections with Tanzania! I'm following you too! Thanks for reading and commenting!! <3


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