CELEBRATE Good Times, Come On!!

Hello dear friends!! I hope you're having a great first week of August!! In less than one week I'll be leaving the States to head back to Tanzania. I also have a birthday coming up on August 15! It's my birthday month, so I want to CELEBRATE!!

I am planning a big birthday GIVEAWAY to kick off my birthday and would love for you to help me out! I have a couple of different ways for you to help with the giveaway, and you can fill out the form below if you want! Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate it!!

 Also, with this next week being crazy- packing, seeing friends and family, and traveling- I have a feeling my blog will be put on the back burner. I would LOVE to have some friends come and guest blog for me this next week! I will promote you like crazy on social media in exchange for your blog post!! If you're interested in blogging on The Gypsy Teacher, fill out this form below!!

 I have been BLOWN AWAY at the number of friends who have joined me on social media, my blog, and my TpT store!! I am SO not about the numbers, and I appreciate every single one of you who "follow" along, but sometimes you just have to CELEBRATE!! Seriously, every time I see someone new has followed, I get SO excited! I've passed some big (to me) milestones in the past couple weeks, like 700 blog followers, 500 Twitter followers, and 700 Periscope followers, which just makes me want to do a happy dance! I want to thank you for being so encouraging and supportive! It means so much to me!!

Much Love, Allie

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