Five for Friday ~ Towers, Thanksgiving, and a Tired Teacher

Hello everyone! Long time no blog...sorry about that! Life is busier than busy and is just flying by! I can't believe we only have three more weeks of school until Christmas break! The end is in sight! :) Today I'm going to recap my week- Five for Friday style!

1. The many Towers of Babel
This week our theme in Kindergarten was the Tower of Babel. We did LOTS with this topic- I was actually pleasantly surprised to find TONS of great ideas on the web for this lesson. We made so many towers-
We began our unit by exploring making towers from apples and toothpicks. It may have been a little over most of my kinders' heads, but a couple got the concept!

On Wednesday, we split into two groups, and tried to see who could build the tallest tower within four minutes with our foam blocks! THEN, we did it again with NO talking, to think about what it was like for the people who were building the tower of babel!

Our fun craft for the week was constructing a Tower of Babel out of sandpaper strips! I cut the sandpaper into different sized strips, and they had to place them longest to shortest on their paper. I used hot glue to glue the sandpaper down.

To end our unit, we made a "crafty snack" - a tower made from cookies and peanut butter! This was the yummiest tower all week!
2. Thanksgiving
It definitely does NOT feel like Thanksgiving happened this week! The temperatures here are heating up more and more, and I'm definitely missing my midwest fall! We did, however, have a Thanksgiving feast- lots of Americans gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon. I made apple crisp :) (my favorite). Of course, I forgot to take pictures :/ Oh well #moreimportantthingstodo #eatallthefood #dessertismyfavorite #caloriesdontcount :D

3. Animal Day
The last Wednesday of every month we have chapel with the whole school, versus just Nursery-1st grade. On these days we prepare some sort of skit, song, etc. to present that goes along with the memory verse of the month. We also have a dress up day! This time, it was Dress like an Animal day! I dressed like a giraffe, and we made masks so our whole class could be animals! It was so fun!

4. Purple "Snow"
We have PURPLE snow here in Tanzania at Christmas- well, it sure looks that way as all the beautiful Jacaranda blooms are falling!

5. #TiredTeacher
It's been a BUSY few weeks, and I've been going pretty much nonstop. And for an introverted teacher like me, there comes a time when I need some R & R. So I have declared this weekend as my "Me Time" weekend. It started today with a walk to the huge outdoor clothes market, for a look around for Christmas-y fabrics. Then I walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner and to read my new book. Finally, I walked to a friend's house for a worship night! It was a glorious afternoon :). FYI my new book is called Eve. It's kind of a sequel to The Shack, but very different. And right now, it's on an amazing sale, for just $1.99!

I have been pretty jealous of all you teachers with a Thanksgiving break! We got a half-day for Thanksgiving, but had school again on Friday. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Make sure to stay up-to-date with me...on Instagram! I post on there a lot more than on here ~ find me at @alliethegypsyteacher.
What have you been up to lately? How was your Thanksgiving?!
Much Love, Allie

Currently: November!

October was quite the month- with parent/teacher conferences and Tanzania's presidential elections. I can write a whole post about the elections, but we ended up having the whole last week off because there was quite a bit of uncertainty of what would happen. Now I'm gearing up to go back to school and am refreshed and ready!! Let's start November off with a Currently!!

Listening: I am loving Bethel's We WIll Not Be Shaken album! It's so good!

Loving/Thinking: We had a FULL week off this past week, and I was soaking up every second of our time off! It was fantastic to be able to do some things I usually don't have time for- like making Christmas cards, reading, having lunch dates with friends, etc. I don't know if I'm ready to face the music tomorrow brings!!

Wanting: CONFESSION: I love Tanzania with all my heart, but I am sincerely missing Fall right now that you all in the States are experiencing!

Needing: I'm planning to start off this next week and month being more disciplined! I want to meet my goal of walking in the mornings four times a week, as well as doing strength exercises. I know it's important and will make me feel better!

Yummy! I love everything apple! I have plans to make some apple crisp this coming weekend!! :D #superexcited

Also, I'm really excited to participate in this for the month of November:

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What are you up to, currently?! Link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!!
Much Love, Allie