Currently December 2015

Wow, taking all the numbers off the calendar in my classroom a couple days ago and switching to a new month still does not make me believe it is DECEMBER! A couple of restaurants and stores in town have busted out some Christmas decorations, and I've been playing some Christmas music to get in the mood, but it feels like Christmas shouldn't be for six more months! I'm still not used to this living in the southern hemisphere thing. However, I am excited for Christmas- for the celebrations, for the fun in my classroom, etc. Here's a snapshot of what's happening right now:

I LOVE me some Rend Collective- and their Campfire Christmas album is awesome! It's been on REPEAT- getting me into the Christmas spirit!

I'm loving that Friday is almost here! This has seemed like such a LOOOOOONG week, for so many reasons. I'm ready for the weekend!

In all honesty, my brain is pretty fried at the moment. I have NOT gotten enough sleep this week and I'm feeling it. No lie, I brought TWO cups of coffee with me today- one hot and one cold. Yes, it IS almost Christmas break! Thank you Jesus!!

We need some Christmas cheer spread around here! I'm excited to finish up these last couple weeks of school and be able to decorate our home for Christmas!! Tomorrow we'll be rockin' out to some Christmas music in my classroom and making a class Christmas tree!

Well, there are really no REAL Christmas trees here in Tanzania, but I'm very glad to have (most) of a fake one! We just need to spruce it up with some homemade ornaments!

Thank you, Farley, for always providing this super fun link-up! What have you been up to lately?!? Anyone else not experiencing their "usual" Christmas this year?!

Much Love, Allie