A Merry and Bright Classroom: A Special Keepsake

Happy Day 2 of the A Merry and Bright Classroom series! I hope you got some ideas to help you spruce up your classroom yesterday. If you missed that post, click here to read it! Today I have a fun art idea for you!

It's always fun to add arts and crafts into our schedules during this time of year. Not only does it enhance our students' creativity, but it gives some special keepsakes and gifts to take home. This idea is inexpensive, but is a fun project for this time of year. Use 4x6 Stretched Canvases from the Dollar Tree to have students draw and paint a picture on! Watch the video for all of the details:

I love using directed drawings for this because it makes it an independent activity that your students can complete at a center or as an early finisher activity. Here are some of my favorite Directed Drawing resources for this time of year:

This is a simple concept, that we've done before, but when I found those mini canvases I thought they would be PERFECT gifts! Draw, Sharpie, Paint, and Sharpie again! 

I'd love to hear what you have your students make for their families for the holidays! Leave a comment below! 

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