A Merry and Bright Classroom: Creating #BookNerds with Books for December

I am a #BookNerd and I'm proud to say it! I love reading, and love instilling a love of reading in kids. My one-year-old nephew LOVES books, and I will read his favorites to him 1000x because I love that he loves books!

Today I'm sharing some of my FAVORITES with you all for December! And, don't worry, no matter what you're teaching this month, I have a feeling I have some books for you! I've separated my favorites into categories to hopefully help you find some new reads! I also have some read alouds that I found on YouTube, if you'd rather incorporate those into your lesson plans. 53 links, y'all!! I've got something for EVERYONE!

Just so you know, any Amazon links that I provide in this post are affiliate links, but I would never share anything that I don't love. I just want to share my favorites with you, to give you some fresh ideas for read alouds or books to add to your collection. 

Christmas around the World is one of my FAVORITE holiday units!! I'll be sharing more about this next week, but I have a bundle of resources in my TPT Store that I use too! Here are some books to share with your students about the different ways different countries celebrate Christmas:

There are WAYYYY too many amazing Christmas Read Alouds for me to share, but here are eight that I LOVE!! I've tried to give a good mix for you!

My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating Jesus's birth! I recently read The Christmas Cat with my cousins, and OH MY GOODNESS it has become a FAVE! These are all so sweet though...

It's important to teach our students about other holidays people might celebrate too! And it includes EVERYONE in the conversation! Here are some great read alouds to get the convo started in your classroom.

If you have a Gingerbread Day or include some cookie fun into your plans, these are all such great choices for books! I love to make gingerbread playdough for my students to play with after we read these too!

If you don't celebrate these holidays, don't you worry! I've got you covered with some winter-themed books. Sneezy the Snowman is SO cute and great for retelling, as is the Cold Lady book. 

If you're looking for a fun way to incorporate these books into your classroom or household, Becca @ Foxwell Forest has a great blog post of how she does a Countdown to Christmas! Click the link or the picture below for all the details and a freebie!

I hope you enjoyed Day 4 of my A Merry and Bright Classroom series!! If you want to pin this post to come back to later and share with your Pinterest besties, here's the image! And make sure you pop by tomorrow, because you DON'T want to miss out on an awesome giveaway happening!!!

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