A Letter to the Valuable Burned Out Teacher

Dear Burned Out Teacher,

I see you. I know you. I sometimes am you. Teacher life is hard – the long hours, the emotional wear and tear, the lack of funds, the large class sizes, the list goes on and on. Maybe you’re ready to search for other career options for burned out teachers or just need some advice for burned out teachers. Whether you are a burned out teacher yourself, or you have a sweet friend who is showing the signs of teacher burn out, I am SO glad you are here.

You are so valuable to the teacher community. You have creative ideas to share. You have a passion for teaching that may be just smoldering at the moment, but I assure you that the flame can be revived. Whether you’re a burned out preschool teacher, a burned out special education teacher, or a burned out elementary teacher, among others, I have good news for you. But first, I want to ask you some questions. Stick with me; because there's teacher GOLD waiting for you at the bottom of this post! Make sure you share it with your teacher friends so they can change their lives too!

Why did you become a teacher? What do you love about teaching? If you could have your dream teacher job, what would it look like? While you think about why you decided on this teacher career, let me share my answers with you.

Before the Burned-Out Teacher Life

I became a teacher because I couldn’t dream of a better job. I love kids – building relationships with them, caring for them, being a part of those lightbulb moments. Putting a smile on their face, knowing them more than just as students, and helping them grow as a whole person. Those are my favorite moments.

I’m also a planner TO MY CORE. I was homeschooled as a kid, and by age eight I was using my mom’s old teacher edition textbooks to write lesson plans for my class of stuffed animals and dolls. I loved keeping my agenda in order as a middle and high school student. And once Pinterest came out, my love for planning lessons continued to grow as I pinned all of the teacher things to use later in my career!

My favorite thing about being a teacher (besides the kids) is using my creativity. I love coming up with unique and creative lessons where I use everyday objects to create learning experiences and deepen my students’ thinking. I love connecting our Science concepts to what we’re reading, and even into our math practice. I love transforming my classroom into the ocean or a poetry cafĂ© to peak my students’ interest and get them involved in every aspect of learning. I love creating resources where they stay engaged throughout the entire lesson and think critically about what they’ve learned.

My Dream Teacher Job where I am Never Burned Out

My dream teacher job is to teach abroad and build my online teacher business while I do it. My goal is to make enough money in my business to fund my travels and my life overseas. And when the time comes to start my family, I’ll be able to work from home full-time and be a CEO Teacher.

I can’t believe that I’m saying this…but I am beginning to live my dream teacher life!! Sure, not every day is a dream. Even as I’m writing this, I’m recovering from a week of pure teacher burn out. To be honest, I was on the brink of a breakdown. But I get to put the school life aside on the weekends and split my time between resting and building my online empire! And, come Monday, I’m ready to love my sweet students even harder and make every moment in the classroom count! I make my resources for them, and then put them up in my online store. I not only get to impact their lives, but the lives of students across the globe!!

I have BIG GOALS, and they keep me motivated even when I may feel burnt out at school. I love that selling my teaching resources online is SO different from the day-to-day classroom life. I get to make my own schedule, work on my ideas, and use my creativity in blog posts and resources and marketing. I truly believe it is the best burned out teacher career change!

The Perfect Job for the Burned Out Teacher

Did you reflect on those questions above? I have a feeling that you came into this field to help kids, to use your creativity, and to change the world. Well, if you’re a burnt out teacher looking for a new career, or just need help fueling your flame again, I believe that I have one of your best options:

Start selling your teaching resources online!

And here is the good news:
You will still be helping kids, even more than you currently are, as teachers around the world use your quality resources in their classrooms. AND you will change the world through those resources. And guess what? You get to use your creativity to make and sell those resources. This is my Team Jobs resource that I created for my classroom, and now other teachers have this same system in their classes!

Now, you may be asking yourself some questions, just as I did. But let me quiet those voices of doubt in your head…
“Why would someone want my resources?” – Because if they work for your students and you put in quality work, they will have so much value for teachers. I have two product lines in my store that exist because they worked wonders for me in the classroom!

“What if no one buys what I sell?” – If you put in the time and energy to create awesome resources and market them the right way, you’ll have no problem selling them! I have learned so much on my journey, and I’m starting to see AWESOME results!

“Where will I find the time?” – You find time for the things you value. Maybe you’re not ready to quit your teaching job yet (or maybe you are! You GO, CEO Teacher!!). But you can put in early mornings or late nights and see how it goes. Who knows? You may just decide to build your online teacher empire full-time!!

“It seems so overwhelming. Where do I even begin?” – If you take ANYTHING out of what I write to you today, PLEASE take this: start with Kayse Morris and take the Transform Your Resources course.

I started my business on my own in 2012. And I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I did a lot of trial and error and learned through podcasts and blog posts. But, when Kayse, who I had been die-hard following on Instagram (I LOVE her authentic, funny, encouraging IG Stories!!), announced that she was launching a course that would teach me all about how to sell my teaching resources online, I was ALL-IN. I watched her free training videos, filled out her workbook, and set my alarm for when the course cart opened. I was READY to learn from the BEST, get all of my ducks in a row, and cultivate this side-hustle into a big-time business!

I dove into her course, watched all of her video lessons, and put them into practice in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, blog, and social media. And guess what?! Her AMAZING secrets really work!! I’ve almost TRIPLED my earnings this year compared to what I made January-May 2018. I also found my passion sharing what I love with teachers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

Kayse gives actionable steps in bite-sized pieces that you can apply every step of the way. She and her team are always there to answer questions, motivate, and further my learning. I have more passion and fire for this online teacher empire than I’ve ever had, and I get to do this alongside hundreds of other teacherpreneurs who are also growing their businesses!! As Kayse says, there’s room for EVERYONE on the playground!!!

Don’t be the Burned-Out Teacher who didn’t Go for her Dreams

Now, there’s one more doubt you may have. And I had it too. Right before I paid for Transform Your Resources, I hesitated because of the amount of money I was about to pay. I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of money for me. I don’t know if this is worth it. What if I end up wasting this money?” But you have to spend money to make money. Investing in YOU is always worth it. It also helps destroy the teacher burn out, because you're pouring into and valuing yourself. If you have the passion and the drive to make this happen, your investment will not return void. And, can I tell you, since that day, I never had ONE DOUBT that I wasted my money. Transform Your Resources is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I have recouped that money and made more since I purchased the course.

So, my burned-out teacher friend, are you ready to fuel your fire with a new passion? It’s time for a new season of life, growth, and joy. Let Kayse breathe a breath of fresh inspiration into your tired mind and heart. Let Transform Your Resources transform your LIFE, as it did mine. I am no longer burnt out, because my passion and creativity are funneled into this online teacher world. And, six months in, I love it even more. I’ve even gone to the next level of being in The CEO Teacher Membership that you can be a part of once you’ve taken Transform Your Resources! I believe in Kayse and her courses 100%, and I know you will too!

Don’t hesitate in taking the leap of faith to live your best life. You were not created to be ordinary and to be a burned out teacher. You were made for MORE. Join me in the Transform Your Resources community! Let’s escape the teacher burn out and grow our teacher empires together!

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