5 Fun Morning Meeting Greetings for Fall

Morning Meeting is one of the most important parts of my school day, and I believe that it should be a pillar in every classroom. For those of you who do Morning Meeting, or if you’re interested in starting Morning Meeting, you probably know that the first component of the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting is the Greeting. Students work on their manners and respect as they greet their classmates. Greetings are an integral part of building classroom community too, as we acknowledge each other and build relationships in our safe space.

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Sometimes it can be challenging coming up with fresh ideas for Morning Meeting greetings that are different than the norm. I love adding seasonal or holiday morning meeting greetings to my arsenal to peak student interest and enjoy each season and holiday. 

Here are five Morning Meeting Greetings for Fall- my favorite season! You can use these morning meeting greetings for kindergarten all the way up to upper elementary and even middle school! I have included a couple for the whole season, as well as a Halloween-themed greeting and a Thanksgiving-themed greeting. Make sure you read to the bottom of this post for a freebie and to pin this post to refer back to during the autumn months! 

Morning Meeting Greeting 1: Falling Leaves

This Morning Meeting greeting is done with all students standing in a circle. The first student waves to his/her neighbor and says, “Good Morning, (Student’s Name)”. Student 2 shakes Student 1’s hand and says “Good Morning, (Student’s Name).” Then, Student 1 acts like a falling leaf (as if Student 2 shook his branch to make him fall off the “tree”) and falls to sit on the ground. 

This continues around the circle, and the last student standing shakes hands with the first fallen leaf so that everyone is seated at the end of the greeting!

Morning Meeting Greeting 2: Pumpkin Seeds

Before Morning Meeting begins, get a hollow pumpkin (or orange bucket if a pumpkin isn’t available). Cut seed shapes out of colored paper and write each student’s name on a seed, and put them into the bucket. During your Greeting time, call one student to pick a seed out of the pumpkin (without looking) and greet that student with a fist bump or high five. Then, Student 1 sits down and Student 2 picks a seed out of the pumpkin. This continues until all seeds are out of the pumpkin and everyone has been greeted! Keep the seeds to reuse several times!

Morning Meeting Greeting 3: Smores

Students can mingle around and find different partners to do this with, or they can sit in a circle and take turns greeting each other. Basically, they will make a hand stack with their partners. They will take turns using a hand - Student 1’s first hand will act like a graham cracker, and be flat on the bottom. Student 2’s first hand will act like the chocolate, and be in a fist with his/her fingers on top of the first hand. Student 1’s second hand will act like the marshmallow, and be in a fist with his/her fingers sideways, and Student 2’s second hand will be the second graham cracker, laying flat on the top. 

Once all four hands have been stacked, they’ll greet each other, and then act like they’re eating a s’more and say “YUM!” at the end!

Morning Meeting Greeting 4: Trick or Treat

This is a class greeting. Everyone is seated in a circle, and this is the dialogue that happens:

Class: “Ding Dong” (acts like they’re pushing a doorbell)
Student: “Who’s there?” (acts like he/she is opening a door)
Class: “Trick or Treat, (Student’s Name)!”
Student: “No tricks here...our class is a TREAT!” OR “Happy Halloween, Class!”

You can choose (or make your own) for what the student will say at the end. Then, this will continue around the circle so that everyone has a chance to be greeted.

Morning Meeting Greeting 5: #Thankful

This is a great greeting to do in November, when we near Thanksgiving, or any time! It’s very similar to a Compliment Circle. Everyone will sit in a circle with their legs out in front of them. You, as the teacher, start by saying, “I’m thankful for (Student’s Name) because…” and finish the phrase. You’ll have to model some ideas that are deeper and more meaningful than “He’s a great friend” or “ She’s really nice”. Encourage students to think outside of the box. Whichever student you choose says, “Thank you (your name)” and pulls in his/her legs. Then, the student to your left (or right) is next to repeat the greeting to someone whose legs are out in front of them. By the end, everyone has greeted someone else, and everyone has received a greeting!

If you’re a visual learner like me, I’ve recorded myself doing and teaching these greetings. Feel free to watch this video to get a better idea of how each morning meeting greeting works!

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I hope you and your students enjoy using these greetings to strengthen your classroom community this fall! I’d love to see them in action - feel free to snap a photo or video and post it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag me! Don’t forget to pin this post to your Fall Pinterest Boards too!!